I introduce myself I am Amélie; Passionate about sewing for many years, I started as a seamstress designer, a dream come true.

Les p'tites Créa was created after passing my higher education in sewing and working 4 years in tailoring. I offer you different items made in my workshop in Normandy. I make the patterns myself, I select the most beautiful fabrics and I make my products.

My values I transmit in my creations, I have an important one:

Keeping a clean planet. You will find on my site zero waste articles, it is obvious for me to offer you, since I am a hook of his articles. I try to pay attention to our beautiful planet, reducing my waste as much as possible. It's been several years since I changed my consumption habits, I pay attention to the origin of the products I buy, I prefer French products. I make some everyday products like laundry.

I also like the world around babies; Find baby accessories on my website.

Whether newborn or child, I love them. I really like the awakening phase in them, when he marvels at the slightest thing. It is a real pleasure to offer different accessories for these little ones.


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